25 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations (Slideshow)

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A star’s weight can be tied tightly into their image. For others, weight gain can be a recent development that can net them a lot of pretty humiliating press. Hey, how would you feel if millions of people were discussing the pounds you added over the holidays? But that kind of attention is nothing compared to the big reveal after they’ve worked it off. Here are 25 stars who unveiled their incredible weight loss transformations in the public arena – some of these familiar faces became completely unrecognizable!

1. Jennifer Hudson.

(Image Source: maggiesdoughnuts.com)

Singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson gave us one of the greatest weight loss transformations of all time several years ago. Hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6. She attained such amazing results through Weight Watchers, a company she was a spokesperson for until 2014. Hudson has kept the weight off, and is surely pleased with her commitment, although it took some getting used to. “Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself,” she once said. Continue Reading on Next Slide