Slideshow: 25 Gardening Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Gardening is like a secret language. It requires you to connect with nature and pay attention to the needs of your plant children, checking soil quality, sun exposure, and hydration levels. You also have to know when to accept failure and start all over! Fortunately, green thumbs have been happy to share the kind of wisdom that will give novices a leg up on each planting season. Check out this compilation of gardening tips, tricks, and hacks, and start planning your next trip to the garden department.

1. Use kitchen scraps to start seedlings.

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One thing you’ll learn quickly when starting a garden of any kind is that there’s a lot to buy. If you’re not thinking on your feet, that is. Instead of dropping money on seedling starter trays and kits, use organic materials you have on hand. Half of an eggshell is perfect for your little plant babies. You can also use a lemon rind. Less waste all around!