What Happens When These Lions Find an Injured Fox? (19 Photos Slideshow)

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We think of foxes as clever and sly, but a lion is the King of the Jungle. Today, we’ll look at the story of one fox that survived a run-in with a pride of fearsome predators. Was he just lucky, or did he truly outfox this gigantic feline family? Is everything we think about the wild animal kingdom all wrong? Decide for yourself as you hear this tense – and eventually kind of heartwarming – story straight out of Africa in this 19 page slideshow:

1. Welcome to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

(Image Source: Graham Dyer/africageographic.com)

Anyway, this is a story captured by Graham Dyer. A few years ago, he was touring the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. There, he ran into the members of the Sunday Pan pride. He began to snap photos of the male lion, while two lionesses and a few cubs were hanging around nearby. Then he heard some pretty disturbing noises.