Female Celebrities Who Don’t Show Their Age

So many of Hollywood’s biggest female stars are so stunning, you would never guess how old they actually are. There are many actresses, singers, models, and other celebrities that have us completely fooled about their age. Whether it’s natural beauty or very convincing enhancements, we’ll never know. Here are some of our favorite female celebrities who don’t look their age.

1. Jennifer Aniston


The popular actress charmed the world as Rachel Green in Friends, but she hasn’t aged a bit since the show’s premiere in 1994. The star is frequently cited as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and still looks like she’s in her mid-30s. In reality, she’s 47!

2. Gwen Stefani


Stefani became an icon in the 90’s as the frontwoman for the band No Doubt, and later released popular solo albums as well as a high-end clothing line. She maintains her youthful glow and could pass for someone just out of college. However, she’s actually 46 years old.

3. Halle Berry


Halle Berry has been a sex symbol for years, and is known for starring in movies such as X-Men, Die Another Day, and Cloud Atlas. Her striking pixie haircut and toned muscles stand out in any crowd, and project a youthful glow. We’re completely surprised that she turns 50 this year!

4. Sarah Hyland


The Modern Family star still could pass for a young teenager, but in fact she’s 25. She’s been starring on the sitcom since 2009, but she hasn’t aged a day since then. Hyland is also known for roles in teen movies like Vampire Academy and Struck By Lightning.

5. Sandra Bullock


This actress is a favorite of many, and has been featured in iconic movies like Miss Congeniality, The Blind Side, The Proposal, and Gravity. She’s won Academy and Golden Globe awards for her incredible performances, and continues to be one of the industry’s most steadily-working actresses. It seems that she never ages, but she’s actually 51 and has two children.

6. Stacey Dash


This actress is consistently listed as one of the most youthful-looking in Hollywood. We were shocked to find out she’s actually 49! She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since the release of Clueless – a movie she starred in when she was 28.

7. Alyson Hannigan


Hannigan got her start in 90’s cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She later gained mainstream recognition for her role in How I Met Your Mother. Hannigan has always been known for her sweet, youthful appearance, and barely seemed to age over the course of HIMYM’s 9-season run. However, she’s actually 42.

8. Miranda Kerr


This Australian beauty is known for her work as a high-fashion model. In particular has been recognized for her work as a Victoria’s Secret model. Although she still appears to be in her early twenties, she’s actually 33 and has a child with former husband Orlando Bloom.

9. Julianne Moore


Moore is one of the most talented actresses in the movie industry, and is known for playing a wide range of characters. She’s barely seemed to age throughout her career, and could still pass for being in her thirties with her youthful glow and bright red hair. She’s actually 55, something we’d never guess.

10. Mariah Carey


The iconic pop star is known for her angelic voice and sweet smile. She’s been a prolific musician since the early 1990’s, but she looks like she could still be in college. She’s actually 46, has been married twice, and is a mother of two.

11. Sofia Vergara


Vergara is the star of Modern Family and is also known for her high-profile marriage to Joe Mangianello. Her stunning beauty and fun personality give the impression that she’s a twenty-something, but she’s actually 44. Throughout her career, she’s built an impressive resume that includes producing and running a business in addition to acting.

12. Carey Mulligan


Mulligan is a classic English beauty that has starred in many notable independent films like Never Let Me Go and An Education. She’s built up an impressive resume throughout her career, which spans over ten years. She still looks very young, but she recently turned 31.

13. Connie Britton


Britton is one of the most prolific television actresses of the past few decades, with leading roles on Nashville and Friday Night Lights. She’s also a frequent source of envy due to her flowing hair and bright smile. No one would ever guess that she’s almost fifty.

14. J.Lo


This lovable pop star and actress has been on the scene for years. She’s released several hit singles, as well as starring in many classic chick flicks. She looks like she’s about 25, but she’s actually 46.

15. Elizabeth Banks


This versatile actress has starred in a huge variety of movies, ranging from indie comedies to high-profile blockbusters. Banks frequently turns heads for her stunning blonde hair and smooth skin, and she could easily pass for under 30. She’s actually 42.