22 Ways Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life (22 Photos Slideshow)

A staple of life in the tropics for centuries, coconut oil has finally knocked everyone stateside for a loop. We have gone from a society that’s barely aware of coconut oil to a society that buys millions of jars annually – all in the space of a decade. What’s so special about it? It has about a thousand uses, and get this: a lot of them work. All you need is a jar of virgin coconut oil and this list of coconut oil’s 22 best life-changing uses. Save money and time while you get fabulous hair, health, skin, and much more!

1. Gently remove stubborn eye makeup.

(Image Source: making-today-beautiful.com)

This tip makes helps you ace two of the biggest beauty rules ever passed down at once. First is to remove all of your makeup at night. Second is to never tug at your delicate eye area. Using a dab of coconut oil, either on your ring finger or on cotton pad, swipe away waterproof mascara, primed shadows and thick eyeliner. The result is a clean, conditioned eye area with no irritation.