Clothing Styles That Make You Look Thinner

Everyone wants to look thinner, and one of the easiest ways to do that is wear flattering clothing styles. There are many popular styles of clothing for both women and men that are designed to help you look in your best shape. No matter your body shape or size, these clothing styles will help you look your best. Not only will your body look amazing, but you will also look stylish and trendy as well.

1. Thin, pointed-toe heels

One of the easiest ways to make your legs look longer is to wear heels. A skinny heel that is over two inches high is the most flattering. Ensure that the toe of the shoe is pointed – this will make your legs look miles long, instead of cutting off your line the way a square toe would.

2. Structured dresses

For an evening event, a structured dress is a great choice if you want to look stunning and eat whatever you want all night. This is because the shape of the dress gives you an effortless hourglass figure, which instantly makes you look slimmer and hides any bulk. For the most slimming look, choose a dark color like black or navy.

3. V-neck tops

A v-neck is a great option if you are trying to draw attention away from your midsection. Because it shows some skin on your neck and chest, it helps your torso look longer and more proportional. Creating the appearance of a long neck also helps you look poised and elegant.

4. Long necklaces

If you are on the shorter side, you can elongate the look of your frame by wearing long, thin necklaces. They make your neck look longer and give you the illusion of more height overall. This distracts from any problem areas that you may want to disguise.

5. Fitted blouse

Never underestimate the power of clothes that fit you perfectly. A blouse that hangs just right on your frame is extremely versatile and will always make you look slimmer. Tuck just the front into pants to create the illusion of a super-flat stomach.

6. Flowy skirt

If you are most concerned about the hip and thigh area, a flowy midi skirt may be the solution to your problems. It hides these areas while flowing beautifully and hitting mid-calf, showing just enough skin to keep you from appearing shorter. Make sure to go for a high-waisted version to keep your outfit proportional, and pair with a fitted top.

7. Peplum top

This style features a tight, fitted bodice with a flare or ruffle around the waist. The trend came into fashion a few seasons ago and is still a great way to make your waist look smaller and your torso look longer. The ruffle around the waist camoflages your belly to make you look uber-slim and put-together.

8. Long, slim cardigan

Pairing a long cardigan with a jeans and t-shirt look is a quick and easy way to make you look taller and thinner. This is because the long line of the cardigan makes your torso and legs look longer without adding any extra weight. The perfect cut should hit about mid-thigh.

9. Straight-legged jeans

The most flattering cut of jeans is a straight leg that fits close to the body, without hugging it too tight the way a skinny pair would. This makes you look your slimmest without bringing any unwanted attention to problem areas. Choose a dark wash of blue or black for the slimmest look, and avoid any embellishments.

10. Blazer

A blazer is the perfect way to look polished and professional, while also hiding any bulk around the midsection. The slim cut looks sleek without adding any extra weight, and the button in the center emphasizes your waist. Pair with a v-neck top and pants that fit you perfectly for the most flattering look.

11. Skinny belt

Defining your waist is an easy way to make it look smaller, and can also offset larger chests or hips. Choose a skinny belt in a fun color and pair it with a chic, basic dress for daytime. You’ll look perfectly chic and stylish, and the belt emphasizes your figure.

12. Color-blocked pieces

If you are trying to look thinner, avoid huge, bright prints. Instead, go for simple monochrome or duochrome pieces. By using just one or two colors in your look instead of a huge print, you look much more streamlined. Feeling daring? Go for a head-to-toe look in just one color – you’ll look stunning and be perfectly on-trend.

13. High-waisted shorts

If you need to stay cool and look great during the summer, high-waisted shorts are the way to go. They elongate the line of your legs, making you look taller and slimmer. Pair with a crisp button-down to stay polished.

14. Anything with side paneling

Choose dresses or tops with side panels in a dark color to make you look slimmer instantly. This small detail can have a huge positive impact on your silhouette. For dresses and skirts, you can also choose something with a slit to get the same effect.

15. Thin scarves

A scarf adds an instant boost of style to your look, and it can also make you look thinner too. Choose a lightweight version with a cute, small print. Wear it draped loosely, so that the ends hang down – this will elongate the look of your torso.