17 Celebrity Kids Before and After: All Grown Up! (Slideshow)

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Growing up in the spotlight? A lot of celebrity kids welcome it. Others do their best to maintain a healthy private life far away from the hustle and bustle of the industry. If we didn’t tell you their names, would you even recognize these children of ultra-famous parents? Here are 17 celebrity kids who have done a lot of growing up in the past several years.

1. Brooklyn Beckham.

THEN: (Image Source: indiatimes.com)
NOW: (Image Source: independent.co.uk)

Brooklyn Beckham is the first child of soccer legend David Beckham and Spice Girl/fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Born in 1999, Brooklyn has three younger siblings: Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. Brooklyn very much looks up to his father, although his chances of becoming a professional soccer player ended in 2015 when he was let go from Arsenal. The Brit has, however, gotten a controversial tattoo of a stereotypical Native American figure, which he says is “just like Dad’s”. Beckham has since embarked on a career as a fashion model, something much more to Mum’s taste.