21 Marvelous Minimal Manicures You Need to Try Out (21 Photos Slideshow)

Have you ever looked at your nails and thought, “How plain and boring are these?”
It’s hard having fun-looking nails when you’re at work because who would take you seriously with sequins and laces and cartoon characters painted on your nails?
Lucky for you, we have scouted 21 pretty, minimal manicure designs that are suitable for work, for women who are just trying out nail art and for those who believe nail art is a great alternative for your plain and boring nail polish.
And hey, less is always more.

#1. Pop of color

Photo Source: lackfein.blogspot.com

This super elegant manicure is almost sci-fi like in its stylish simplicity. The impact is made by brightening up nude painted nails with a simple pop of neon on the tips. The surprise comes with the irregular way the neon has been added. We happen to love this soft pink but you could try the look with any color you like and it still wouldn’t be too over the top for a workday look.